The History Behind Romeo and Juliet cigars

The History Behind Romeo and Juliet cigars

The History Behind Romeo and Juliet cigars

Purchasing Romeo and Juliet Cigars had long been established with a reputation for being high-end in terms of quality, manufacturing, and culture. While many think that there’s tragedy involved like how Romeo and Juliet’s story had become so, this is a whole new story. Read on to have a quick rundown of the history behind Romeo and Julie Cigars.


Starting point

Inocencia Alvarez and Manin Garcia founded the brand in 1875. Named after Shakespeare’s tragic romance, but it is far from being just that. Two independent brands make it up, namely, the Romeos of Cuba and Julieta of the Dominican Republic. It gave out a promising future as it established its reputation as a single entity, not because of the name combination but because of its distinct taste. It won a lot of awards and was recognized as one of the best brands early then. But it didn’t make much noise until Jose Pepin Rodriguez Fernandez, a refined businessman, who was a former head of Havana’s Cabanas factory, acquired the brand in 1903.


Soaring high

Romeo Y Julieta is known to be one of the top brands among the entire cigar connoisseurs, who, are always out and about in searching for the best Romeo and Julieta cigars. But this didn’t happen overnight.

red car in cuba

Jose Rodriguez Fernandez lived his life as a multiculturalist who enjoyed socializing. He would love nothing more than to entertain Europe’s highly cultured and elite citizens. As he trades opinion and discusses life as he knows it, he would smoke his cigar and actively promote it. While giving an analysis of economic issues and sharing a well-thought opinion on things, the option of Romeo Y Julieta cigar break would always be there. From then on, this brand was always popping up in conversations amongst high-society functions. And casually as well like the time he entered his horse, named Julieta, into some races.

From then on, the brand favoured Fernandez’ cultural marketing strategies as the rise of the brand became unstoppable. It had become the first choice of every true cigar aficionado, that even the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill preferred it over any other cigar. A special edition of this cigar, the Churchill, was made for the world-renowned leader as he favoured a Parejo. This straight-sided cigar was 7 inches long with a 47-ring gauge which became its signature cigar size. The Churchill heightened Romeo Y Julieta endorsements, which is until now, serves as a forefront amongst its collections.  It further led the brand to land in between the fingers of the educated, luxury and boutique smokers, including every elegant smoker in mind.


Romeo Y Julieta Tragedy

As with any business venture, clouds and dirt come together. It is not always smooth sailing, even for the most successful and established brands.

As political unrest happened all over Europe, the cigar industry took some toll, including the famous brand Romeo Y Julieta. The Cuban revolution, teaming with the nationalization of the business, led the brand into moving to the Dominican Republic in La Romana. From then on, Altadis USA created the cigars in the Tabacalera de Garcia Factory. The Dominican version of the Romeo Y Julieta Cigars marked its dominance once again as it ended up supremely admired. It became one of the US market’s most popular cigars, which was made available at every street store.


The logo that lives and reigns

Cuba still had its variety of Cuban cigars and is being produced until this day. Its reputation remained established that even though the two brands had to separate, it gave way to something much better, which is an even more vast dominance. Nowadays, even with the embargo against cigarette smoking including that of cigars per se, because of the harmful effects on the body sans chronic intake, the whole world considers Romeo y Julieta brand as one for the highest quality. It earned enough respect through the years winning many tasting medals.

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