The Secrets To Caring For Timber Furniture

The Secrets To Caring For Timber Furniture

The Secrets To Caring For Timber Furniture

Timber furniture is sensitive and can be challenging to look after. There are different kinds of timber furniture, such as gloss finish furniture and furniture made of untreated wood. There is a difference in how to need to be taking care of each type of timber. The most important part of timber furniture-care is to clean it and use some kind of furniture polish. One should clean and remove dust from it. The process you use to remove dust must be careful and flawless, so that the process doesn’t spoil the timber furniture.

I’ve done my research and found the best ways to care for your timber furniture, all listed below.

Caring for Untreated Wood Furniture:

Timber furniture may be made of untreated wood, and cleaning this type of furniture requires a particular treatment. The first thing you need to do is dust the wood daily. For removing dust, you can use a piece of cloth or duster. The tool should be smooth and clean, and it is better for the wood if it is slightly damp. The moisture in the cloth or duster would not spread the dust, but instead pulls it up gently. You should note and follow the direction of the grain, as it will protect the pattern of the furniture over time.

Clearing the surface off dust is the first step – now you can use soapy water. You should dip the cloth in mild soapy water and use it on the furniture. The use of pure water or direct application of water is not suitable, because oversaturated use of water is dangerous for timber furniture.

After cleaning from dust and water, it is time to dry the furniture immediately. For this purpose, the dry and smooth cloth is the best option. Moreover, remember that untreated wood furniture should not be stored in a humid environment, because it will damage it over time.

Taking care of Finished Furniture: 

In the case of finished furniture, dishwashing detergent and warm water is an excellent way to clean and keep the furniture safe. After cleaning it with detergent, you can wipe it down with a rag. However, for this method, using wax is the big no-no.

You should not use detergent with wax; instead, you should use soap flakes. You can purchase these soap flakes anywhere, they are readily available in the market.

Using a product with a nice fragrance is pleasant, and it makes the environment attractive and suitable. However, for the cleaning of finished wood furniture, you should not use scented sprays. Besides, many sprays have toxic ingredients. These sprays are not good for some types of finished timber furniture, so you’re better off not taking any chances.

You must use a dry and smooth cloth or a duster after cleaning your finished furniture. As with unfinished wood, you should keep your timber furniture away from humid environments and water.

Cleaning is not everything: 

Cleaning any type of furniture is not everything. It is only one of the methods you need to perfect in order to take care of timber furniture. Other things are also helpful. For instance, the placement of the furniture is critical. If you have to move the furniture, you should note the width of the door to get through it safely. It would help save it from scratches. It takes plenty of time to remove scratches on timber furniture; therefore, you should consider this aspect as well. It is good advice not to move furniture often. If it is necessary, proper care and assistance of an appropriate number of persons are helpful.

Timber furniture is one of the most durable and long term furniture. Daily cleaning and preventing it from exposure to water are of major importance in taking care of timber furniture.

If you adopt the measures and precautions mentioned in this article, your timber furniture may last for a long time. Otherwise, you might see it tearing down and getting damaged within the first few years. 

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