Most expensive beauty products in the world

Most expensive beauty products in the world

Most expensive beauty products in the world

The beauty trends just keep getting crazier every year. With YouTubers blogging about everything from pop sockets to makeup brushes – the beauty industry is thriving on the internet. For example, the brand Guerlanin made a lipstick that was made of 18k gold, with emeralds, rubies and nearly 200 diamonds. It weighed 2.2 carats! Another brand sold a lipstick for a massive $62,000. And that still isn’t the most eye-opening price out there. Once there was a tube of mascara from, the cosmetic line H, that sold for $14 million! The tube was made of 1000 Swarovski crystals, along with 2500 blue diamonds and gold tubing (that was 18k), hence the price. 

The good thing about these two products is they could be refilled for free when you ran out of it. Despite that, these products did not last, and none of them is longer available for purchase.

These were the most expensive products that you can buy. None of the following products will cost as much, but they are still considered really expensive. Here are a few examples:

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Mask 

Most people don’t buy face masks for over $100, simply because you just wash them off! This $385.00 Orchidée face mask promises to replenish and nourish your skin. With a soy protein that will firm and lift, and mango seeds to nourish and hydrate – it smells as sweet as it sounds. The mask comes in very chic packaging and with a fancy brush, which we assume adds somewhat to the price.

La Prairie Cellular Serum Platinum Rare 

Serums are popular and that is often because serums do actually work well to make improvements for the skin. The one mentioned here is selling for $720, and contains platinum. Platinum is a rare metal that aids in maintaining your skins electrical balance to retain the youthful appearance. The serum also contains ingredients that brighten your complexion, tensing agents and antioxidants to firm and keep the skin healthy.

RéVive Peau Magnifique les Yeux Youth Recruit 

We all know the skin around our eyes is delicate and, with that in mind, this eye treatment was created to give you beautiful results within four weeks. But it will cost you exactly $750. For four vials. Four! The catch is the four vials is only a four-week cycle, so you use one vial a week (that works in with the skin’s natural renewal cycle). A plastic surgeon designed the complex formula to minimise the appearance of dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness. 

Jean Patou Joy Baccarat Pure Parfum 

This rare perfume will make you smell amazing. It is made from a flower that only grows for two weeks in the year. When the flower appears, it is carefully harvested from the fields and turned into this glamorous perfume. More than 10,600 flowers need to be harvested in order to create a single bottle of this perfume. The scent is of tuberose, Grasse jasmine, ylang-ylang and Bulgarian rose. Since 1931, only 50 bottles have been made, which makes it one of the most luxurious and rare perfumes in the world.

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Cure Face Treatment 

Guerlain strikes again with their four-week intense treatment. This treatment accelerates the renewing cycle of the skin, in order to leave the skin looking younger – all within 28 days. You have four different vials, each of which have been specifically crafted to address a different skin concern. Week one and two are for stimulating and activating the process of your skin and the following two weeks use the bioenergetic leaves you firmer with more radiant skin. This treatment is recommended to be used twice a year which will see you paying $3100 a year.

Are you prepared to pay these prices for items you are not sure will even work for you? It seems women, in particular, are determined to mind anything to stop the appearances of aging at any cost. Nothing beats using sunscreen though, trust me!

P.S. In case you were wondering what a pop socket is, it’s a little handle that goes on the back of your phone!


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