How to get a job in the luxury good industry

How to get a job in the luxury good industry

How to get a job in the luxury good industry

Is it possible to make money like JP Morgan? Is it possible to become an executive at Louis Vuitton?  Yes, it is possible! Have a think about where those people were before they are where they are now… If they can climb the corporate ladder and get to that position, it seems anyone can. 

The talented Kate Benson is the managing director at Martens and Heads, and it seems she has placed many people within the luxury industry. But is it enough to have nice blow-wave curls? Or sporting some fancy gel nails

Definitely not.

Kate advises that it isn’t just about your looks or what is written on paper. But also life lessons, both negative and positive, are important too. 

Ensure your resume is easy to read

In the luxury industry, you are dealing with high-end corporations and executives of a high standard. Presenting yourself in a well and professional manner is important, and one way this is done is via your resume. These executives don’t have time to read your 10-page essay type resume, so trim down the words where you can. You don’t need to use flowery language in your resume and be sure to use active verbs and be very succinct. You don’t actually make your experience sound better using flowery language, instead, it will just make you sound fake. Only include information that is related to the job. Don’t write about the supermarket job you had in your teens, it just annoys the manager when they want to get straight to the point. Just emphasise why you are a good fit for this specific job.

Ensure your resume has no typos or grammatical errors. A resume that is packed with many typos will end up in the bin, even if you are the perfect fit for the job. In the luxury industry consistency, accuracy and thoroughness are important. If you can’t even do that with your resume how will you be able to do it under the pressure of the job.

Highlight the relevant history

Your skills need to be diversified and able to showcase a wide-ranging background which will work to your advantage.  Recruiters even consider ones straight out of college if they have the right qualifications and have used their overall time well. If you have work experience that is everywhere and all over the place, then categorise the skills and work experience in chronological order. If you put everything into subcategories, then your resume will read better and makes it clearer to see what skills you have. Don’t be worried if you have not worked at a flashy place before, you can still be considered. Some employers will look deeper. Just because one applicant has worked in the industry for 12 months does not mean they are a reliable and good worker. The way some people see it is less is more.  Don’t be adding too many points as it makes it look like you are trying to fill up space.

Update the resume to mirror the job you are applying for

You want the manager reading your resume to feel as though your storyline is suited to the job that you are going for. This will show you have a sense of direction and understanding of the place you are at in the world.  While updating the resume to the job you are going for is time-intensive it will benefit you more. Consistently update your resume and add interesting information. If you are going for a job I the luxury brands, research them first and when you’re in the interview mention a few points that you know about the business. This will make you appear interested and dedicated to doing your research beforehand.

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