How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like An Oasis

How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like An Oasis

How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like An Oasis

It doesn’t matter whether you have the money to spend on your bathroom renovations or you may be out looking for some styling ideas to revamp the current situation. Looking to turn your bathroom into an oasis to enjoy all the time? All you need is some ideas, creative styling and the basic knowledge of what works with what.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Colour

If your bathroom is one of the busiest rooms within your home, you may think it needs to be clinical and white looking. That is fine if that is what you prefer but add some colour that you think will brighten up and add a warm feeling to space. You can add colour via storage items, towels, candles, dispensers and bath mats. If you are doing a renovation, consider going with cabinets painted in a statement colour or even pick some tiles with a striking pattern or colour.

Update The Fixtures And Tapware

One affordable way to update your bathroom and add an oasis feel to it is through your tapware and fixtures. Try and replace with shiny and new metallic finishes in gold or copper. Chrome is a classic choice now, although it seems that matt black is coming back into the trend to. You want to make sure whatever you choose will complement the bathroom and the idea of an oasis. Ensure that all the fixtures match, so it feels the room is cohesive and purposeful.

Add Some Warmth

Using natural materials is one of the best ways to add serenity and warmth to your bathroom. If you are doing a renovation, you mustn’t feel afraid to try something more natural like timber, stone, marble or porcelain. Consider timber towel rails, woven storage baskets shelving and timber trays.

Going Green

Adding some houseplants to your bathroom is the best way to bring the outdoors inside and make your room feel more like an oasis. Plants have been proven to affect the air quality within the rook positively; this will only be ideal if your bathroom has plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Indoor plants love humidity, so be sure to place them in places like windowsills or along the bath edging.

The Little Luxuries Matter

Sometimes all the boring needs that we find in a bathroom can create the home oasis. Consider getting some new fluffier towels in different opulent colours. You can even play around with scented candles in separate jars and storage items. Go for toiletries that are simple but have a soothing scent like chamomile or lavender. If you like to add essential oils to your bathroom routine, then consider getting an aromatherapy set-up happening. We recommend placing these little luxuries all on top of a humidor from Australia to get that spacious outback feel into your bathroom. Additionally, create some relaxing ambience with heat lamps and some candles.

Dress Up Your Space

If you are lucky and have a large bathroom, then you can rethink your space just like any other room in your home. Do you need a lightweight rug there? A table beside the bath to display your toiletries or aromatherapy collection? Do you have room for a vase of fresh flowers? Maybe you could introduce a privacy screen of greenery to fill that space. Once you’ve dressed up your space, you’ll be able to sit back, relax in your privacy and maybe even have a Cohiba cigar to celebrate your newly decorated bathroom.

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